White Haute Salon in San Mateo

For those in south bay, it can be a pain to come into the city for hair styling.  But it’s hard to find a chic salon with the home grown talent to be able to recreate model worthy hair.  La Diva is an oasis of white and fuschia for those in San Mateo.

La Diva specializes in celebrity-style hair.  Come in with a photo of your style icon, whether it be Kim Kardashian curls (they do extensions) or Gweneth Paltrow’s sleek blonde locks (they do Brazilian blowouts),  La Diva has a staff that can do it all.  They have a package called a supermodel makeover, and despite the blasé sounding name, the results are runway ready.  It includes a consultation, highlights and hair cut and starts at just $129.  To complete your look, they also do makeup.

Hair stylists here work with you from start to finish, so there’s a continuity to the process and you can always critique and change.  We suggest Ana or April as our go to stylists.  But everyone on the team is well skilled as seen when we stopped by and saw 3 different kind of curling action, one was using a curling stick, another an 1.5 inch iron and another using classic curlers.

Haute Living sat down with the owner, Susan Dahi about her inspiration and direction for the salon.

HL:  So Susan, why did you open this place in a quiet suburban town?

SD:  There was such a need.  I wanted to create a place where mothers, daughters, men and busy people in the South Bay area could come to a beautiful place to feel beautiful.   I saw how the other places were so factory like with their black chairs, dark floors and no décor and thought, how can someone feel amazing when they’re surrounded by such dullness.

HL:  I noticed the entire salon is white.  Isn’t that really hard upkeep?

SD:  Yes it is, but with anything fabulous, you need to make that extra effort.    I knew that white leather styling chairs would be difficult but I wanted the client to really experience something different.

HL:  What sets La Diva apart from other south bay salons?

SD:  We’re all about the details.  Like when you get your hair washed, other salons just have you staring at the ceiling.  For my salon, I installed white flat screen televisions with direct satellite tv for the channel fashion tv on the wall high up by that station to make sure that every moment that the client has here is glamorous.

12 San Mateo Drive
San Mateo CA
http://www.ladivahairsalon.com for more info and pictures