Steve Saleen Sues MJ Acquisitions to Reacquire Saleen Name and Brand

Steve Saleen is once again at the helm of the marque that bears his name.

Back in 2007, Saleen walked away from the Saleen brand empire he nurtured for 23 years and it, along with the rights to produce S Line and Racecraft Ford models,  was sold to MJ Acquisitions. Saleen went on to create SMS Supercars, which produced notable autos like the  SMS 570 Dodge Challenger, 302 Ford Mustang and 620 Chevrolet Camaro.

When MJ Acquisitions and Saleen, Inc. refused to honor warranties for vehicles purchased before the company took control of the Saleen brand, SMS Supercars stepped up to bear the burden (with no legal obligation to do so). Steve Saleen and SMS Supercars then sued MJ Acquisitions to get the company to stop using the Saleen name and tarnishing its reputation.