Lexus LF-LC Concept Car May Go Into Production After Successful Unveiling In Detroit and Geneva

At the Lexus LF-LC’s Detroit show in January, Senior execs at Lexus’ parent firm Toyota insisted that the hybrid coupe was strictly a concept. Now, the popularity of the dramatic sportscar has significantly boosted its chances of making production.

Also, after the LF-LC’s successful European debut at the Geneva show in early March, Lexus product-planning cheif Karl Schlict said that there’s a 50 percent chance that the car will make production.

“A decision has not been taken,” he said. “But we’re now up to a 50 pecent chance from a zero per cent one. Every top Toyota Motor Company manager is aware of the great reception it has received and now we’re talking about how we can do it and fit it into the product plan.”

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