Katharina Wulff on Display At SFMOMA For First Ever U.S.A. Exhibit

German born, Katharina Wulff’s work takes the viewer into a foggy fantasy world that often seems barren yet strikingly beautiful.  For example her work, “Landscape for Happy Witches,” a water colored landscape with no sign of witches portrays a dreamy world that draws the viewer in through open spaces and misty mountains.

"Landscape for Happy Witches"

For the first time Wulff will be on display in America at the San Francisco Museum of Art in a one room exhibit until Sept. 4.

Wulff’s paintings often show emptiness in which, there is a limitless amount of possibilities and illustrations to fill the space.  She leaves that job to the viewer’s imagination.

But in “Untitled” (2007) a ghostly blue woman’s blond curls lock the viewer in instantly.  The wavy curls look very impressionist in its character, which makes sense because it is clear that Wulff draws inspiration from feminist surrealists and impressionists like Frida Kahlo and Leonor Fini.

“New Work: Katharina Wulff” is worth checking out at SFMOMA, her work doesn’t go over the top and like many surrealist fantasy work, the viewer is often left to make his or her own interpretation of the work.

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Source: SFGate