Introducing the “Jubilee Martini” in Honor of Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

In honor of Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the legendary barman Alessandro Palazzi of Dukes St. James London will be serving a limited edition martini called the “Jubilee Martini”.

The Jubilee Martini will be made in front of guests using only the best British ingredients and served in a crystal cut antique glass from the Queen’s 1953 coronation. Amongst the fine ingredients is the rare ‘Booth’s’ Gin from the 1970s, known as a favorite of Her Majesty the Queen and Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. Another luscious ingredient used in the cocktail is ‘Sacred’ Cherry liquor, a concoction made of the oil from over 100 cherry stones and sprayed using an antique perfume bottle on the martini.

The extravagant will be served as of June 1 at the famous Dukes Bar within the – where Sir Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond line, “shaken not stirred.”