Haute Time: Breitling Offers Seal of Confidence With Five-Year Warranty

What sets Breitling  from other luxury brands is its commitment to exceptional reliability of its “Manufacture” movements. While there are other timepieces which include movements made in-house, only Breitling provides the powerful confirmation by offering an exceptional five-year warranty on all models equipped with these calibers.

It was in 2009 that Breitling took its place within the exclusive circle of watch companies who produce with their own mechanical chronograph movement. It was the development of the
Caliber 01 that set up the brand with the goal of making the world’s best chronograph movement in terms of  performance, reliability and functionality. With this in mind, Breitling opened its avant-garde industrial facility and in-house competencies enabling it to produce its movements according to its own high standards and ensuring maximum reliability on a large scale ( producing 40,000 movements in 2011.)


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