Haute Event: Ferrari SV celebrates with President Luca Di Montezemolo

Photography Credit:  Drew Altizer
Date:  April 24, 2012
Location:  Ferrari of Silicon Valley

When the Chairman of Ferrari comes into town, Ferrari of Silicon Valley rolled out the red carpet.  Catered by Michael Mina, who made a personal appearance, and with bottles and bottles of Dom Perignon being poured, it was a fabulous fete fit for Italian royalty.  The loyal clients eagerly listened to the inspirational words of  Signore Montezemolo.

Luca Di Montezemolo has been president of Ferrari for over 20 years.  Considering how many of his contemporaries have changed positions after a few years, he has become an iconic figure in the automotive field.  He spent his time in California also lecturing at Stanford’s Business School.

Some highlights of the speech were:

“Ferrari is based on three elements:  our cars, our people (the people who work in Maranello and all over) and our clients.  You are the most important point of reference”

“At the end of the year, we will present the new Enzo…”

“I’m proud to say we have won the prize of the best place to work in Europe…”

“For our F1 team, I’m pushing day and night, I take opportunity of the time difference to hound them, because we need to improve…”

“Ferrari is based on three elements:  passion, innovative technology and beauty.  Ferrari has to be like a good-looking woman, you have to be astonished when you see a Ferrari.  I want a Ferrari always beautiful. But there is a difference, because sometimes when you see a good looking woman you are very happy in the beginning, and then you go to to dinner…but with Ferrari it’s the opposite, when you start the engine you has a fantastic surprise!”

With that exquisite metaphor, the crowd roared with laughter and applause, and he finished his speech by unveiled one of the very first California deliveries of the 458 spider to a loving couple.  Guests then came up for pictures and autographs with Luca.