Columbus Sport Hybrid Combines Environmental Consciousness with Superyacht Amenities

It’s obvious that in the construction of the Columbus Sport Hybrid superyacht, a love of open water was taken into consideration—from the environmental consciousness the boat embodies to the relationship evoked between the passengers on board and the sea.

The yacht showcases a naval architecture by Hydro Tec and has been designed to have as little environmental impact as possible. Its hybrid propulsion system allows the vessel to run at a low speed of 7.5 knots on two generators with the main engines turned off.

These main electric engines are virtually silent and quick to respond, ideal for nighttime navigation and maneuvering into port. When in use, the diesel engines have the ability to generate power, which in turn lowers the maintenance costs and fuel consumption of the diesel generators. Fuel consumption is reduced through a lighter aluminium semi-displacement hull and superstructure.