Take a Walk through Paris with Modewalk

Modewalk.com has been making waves in the fashion world with its unique offerings of hard to find, one of a kind pieces, all available with a click of the mouse.     Sure it’s nice to have the recognizable and easily accessible Prada, Louboutin or McQueen, but for many of us, the very best part of travelling is finding that shoppe full of beautiful couture pieces that any eye can tell is special.  It’s about not being one of the fashion flock who sheepishly tote the Celine luggage…or atleast mixing it up with a rare piece of Rochas.   (No hating on the Celine, it’s beautiful!)  It’s about arriving to a party knowing that no one else will be wearing the same LaRare shoes as you.

 This members only site allows people to take such a journey with it’s fashionable founders and directors.    Indre Rockefeller is the fashion director and with her well-trained, Anna Wintour approved eye, travels through each focal city and picks out the best of the best for you.   It’s not just shopping, it’s styling.

After launching with some fabulous fetes in NYC and SF and then following up with numerous titalating in-person trunk shows for Lefranc Ferrant, Modewalk Founder Beatrice Pang sat down with Haute Living for an interview about this much talked about door to couture.

HL.  Everyone’s style is different.  Nonetheless, if you had to pick something that every woman needs and these are all timeless investments, pick a shoe, a dress and an accessory that you must have this spring currently on modewalk and why.

Brand: Vouelle
Shoe: Scarlett

MW:  Spring is about playfulness, especially this spring season, which is about experimenting with mixing prints and patterns. Vouelle’s Scarlett is a great place to start while maintaining classic artisanship and timeless quality.  

Brand: Ragazze Ornamentali
Bag: Leather totes. We love the following two versions

Nude Ribbon Tie Tote

Leather White Tote

MW:  A carry-all tote is the work-horse of the wardrobe but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a show pony. Ragazze Ornamentali offers a beautiful classic tote in sumptuous leather with a delicate ribbon closure that will remain beautiful season after season.

Brand: Christophe Josse
Dress: Long print evening dress

MW:  This is a standout piece that makes your jaw drop in person.  Its so elegant and so easy to wear.  It can be dressed up or down for many seasons to come. 

HL:  How often does someone from Modewalk go to Paris to find new designers?

MW:  We have a colleague Hilda who works full-time in Paris. Additionally, Henri Deshays, our co-founder and COO, as well as Indre Rockefeller, our Fashion Director, frequently go to Paris. Henri spends more time in Paris than in the US. They also both attended Paris couture fashion week and ready-to-wear fashion week.

HL:  Will you launch perhaps a styling section on the blog or website?

MW:  That’s a great question. Currently, our Fashion Director Indre Rockefeller writes editorial reviews and styling advice for each product.

One thing that’s very unique about ModeWalk.com as an eCommerce website is that we pay a great deal of attention to preserving the intimacy of 1:1 interactions beyond the Web experience. For example, we are already offering personalized 1:1 styling assistance to our premium clients today and will very soon offer this complimentary service to every customer. Our customers may get such 1:1 styling assistance by phone, video conference, online chat or even in-person appointment which also includes complimentary fitting and adjustments for clothing purchases. Please note that our in-person fitting and adjustment services are complimentary and available today in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York and in the future more cities. We take truly personalized care of our clients as the best luxury boutiques do while at the same time the clients can enjoy the convenience the Internet offers.  

Further, we have plans to expand styling related content on our Website in the near future.

HL:  Why membership and not an open site?

MW:  Currently, anyone can join ModeWalk and membership is free. Luxury is personal. We would like to build 1:1 relationships with our clients and best serve them with a personalized experience. Therefore, the website is membership based. For our best clients, they may even get invited to fashion shows, private events, and enjoy private sale among other exclusive benefits.

Visit www.modewalk.com for the most up to date selective fashions.