Next Time You Go To The Airport Bring Your 3-D Glasses: Hong Kong International to Get an Imax Theater

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Seoul’s Incheon Airport has a spa, an ice rink and even a golf course for your leisure while you wait for a flight, if you get claustrophobic in big airports take a walk at one of Changi Airport’s open-air gardens for a breath of fresh air.  Do you like movies? The newest addition Hong Kong’s airport is a giant Imax Theater.

Gone are the days when a traveler just sits and reads a book while he waits for his plane.  Now, if your in Hong Kong International Airport and bored, kill time by watching a 3-D or 2-D movie in a theater capable of holding 358 audience members-that’s bigger than some planes.

Set to be open in the next few months, the screen will give travelers the chance to watch films in an immense setting, an Imax screen is more than ten times the size of a regular movie theater screen; for example, watching Transformers in Imax would be like seeing the robots in real life size.

When security lines are longer now than ever before and airline travel has grown, airports are working on improving their environments to give travelers more of an experience.  And each airport has a unique touch to this experience; Dubai International has futuristic sleep pods-reminiscent of the pods from “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”- while Schipol Airport has a museum and library for the book geek in all of us.

Hong Kong International Airport is ranked the number one airport in the world according to SKYTRAX, an airline review website, and this Imax addition will most likely keep it at the top.

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Source: The Malaysian Insider