Indian Progressive Artist Vikram Dayal Exhibits At Art Expo

Tempest in a Teapot

When you see a Vikram Dayal painting he hopes it provokes an emotional trigger inside of you, hopefully, you laugh.  His Progressive Indian Art- he draws inspiration from Salvador Dali and MF Husain- looks at the lighter side of the world often in a satirical form.

“If my painting has evoked some response, be it ridicule, anger or outrage, I am flattered,” Dayal said.  “If you see the humor that I see, I am thrilled! The only way of insulting my art is by ignoring it. Laugh at it, ridicule it, curse it, burn it, throw it, just please don’t ignore it! ”

Dayal will join the ranks of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Peter Max this year as his work will be on display at the annual Art Expo.  From March 22 until the 25th, Dayal’s art will be exhibiting under the Solo Artist Category at the Art Expo at Pier 92 on Hudson in New York City.  He is the only Indian artist to be showcased this year at the Art Expo.

A graduate of Indian Institute of Technology, Dayal had a strong interest in art since he was young.  That interest has led to countless awards for his works as well as his art being featured in exhibits around the world and in private collections.