Haute Event: Davies After Hours tonight, March 12 2012!

Get rid of your case of the Mondays with some imbibing and invigorating conversation at the Davies After Hours where Symphonix is hosting an exclusive event where you can listen and learn from composer Mason Bates.  Bates is best known for his expansion of the orchestra to include electronics.   Bates’ weaves three major streams of contemporary music — jazz and its offshoots, classical music with all its harmonic and textural experimentation, and electronica into creating his soaring pieces.

The event is located at the Wattis Room at Davies Symphony Hall starting at 5:30PM where there will be cocktails and appetizers served.  At 6PM, Mason bates will have a conversation with Susan Key and following that will be the private rehearsal starting at 7PM.

The event is complimentary for Symphonix members and you can join online here right now or do it at the event.
For more information here.