Atelier Crenn Presents Dialogue: A Collaborative Dinner Series March 28th & 29th

Michelin-starred and an inspiration to Disney (as Colette in Ratatouille), Chef Dominique Crenn has been creating and deconstructing beautiful dishes in San Francisco with great herald for many years.   But imagine what could be done with two great minds.

The food of most great chefs reads like a monologue: a singular vision executed beautifully. Alternatively, Chef Dominique Crenn has the desire to bring other great chefs on stage every so often, to show what can be achieved when two talents push and pull; cook and create together. Hence, Atelier Crenn’s dialogue series has been born.  A series of collaborations, creativity, and conversations.

The dialogue series will kick-off with a two-night “conversation” between Chef Crenn and Miles Watson of Pure Berlin (Berlin) on Wednesday, March 28 and Thursday, March 29 at Michelin-Starred Atelier Crenn in San Francisco. Like Atelier Crenn’s modern French cookery, Pure Berlin is a restaurant and “culinary design studio” with firm German roots, but fresh gastronomic sensibilities. This dialogue will consist of eleven courses, five from each side and a final collaborative course, creating a pas de deux of art and conversation.

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