Trending: Russian Protests is a Fashionable Affair

In the United States we had the #occupy movement which was short and not so sweet, legions of smelly protestors camped out in tents around the nation for months until it was eventually broken up by authorities.  Protest have swept the world and its quite the trend right now.  In Russia, the protestors do it a little differently: put on your best perfume and fur coat and go out there and protest!

A week before presidential votes in Russia, tens of thousands of citizens have descended on Moscow to protest against the government, calling for free, fair elections and greater democracy.  The Arab Spring of Russia minus the bloodshed and, well, the protests have become quite the haute event.

Donned in white ribbons, the protests have attracted Moscow’s celebrities, athletes, middle class and lower class.  No doubt the protests are incredibly serious, these are the largest demonstrations since the early 1990’s but what makes these unique is the role fashion has played.

The universal fashion piece for the public showings has been the white ribbon; students sympathetic to the cause sport them on backpacks while socialites tie them to their Prada purses.

Fashion bloggers who have no real interest in politics have came to the protests for material for blogs and magazines.  Armed with cameras, photographers snap pics of protestors more than happy to take a moment out of demonstrations to strike a pose donned in designer shades, Russian scarves, chic boots and fur coats.

Making scenes at the protests has been Russia’s equivalent to Paris Hilton, Ksenia Sobchak.  Joining the masses, you can see the socialite wearing a down coat in Russia’s chilly weather.

Festive and playful, the Russian protests have united a people who feel their government is plagued with corruption.  The peaceful demonstrations have been a way for Russia’s people to enjoy themselves and have a sense of pride in a country known for revolution.

So go out there Muscovites and tie a ribbon around your wrist, if you’re looking to be seen, catch a glimpse at a celebrity or make a fashion statement this winter, go protest.

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Source: The Moscow Times

Photo Sources: Fashion ProtestMuckrackReuters