The Super Bowl Done Right With Popchips

With the Super Bowl upon us this weekend, it’s really hard to stick to that New Year’s resolution—that is if any of us are still tied to said promise. In any case Dr. Jae Berman MS, RD, CSSD, Regional Registered Dietitian at The San Francisco Bay Club, and Certified Specialist Sports Dietitian, has something to say about how to stay in line and still enjoy Sunday’s big game with some guidance and a little crunch from Popchips.

Here are some of her smart tips:

Just because it’s not fried, doesn’t mean it’s not delicious!

In the mood to nosh?  Replace fried potato chips with a healthier alternative that still will satisfy that salty crunchy crave.  popchips taste delicious and they have less than half the fat of fried chips and only 100 calories in the single serve bag.

Take it easy on the cream, but not on the taste

Dips, dips and more dips.  That’s the Super Bowl mantra.  You don’t have to say no to your favorite chip dips, just try to use lighter ingredients.  Big fan of creamy spinach dip?  Use reduced fat cream cheese and nonfat yogurt instead, half the calories and fat!  Don’t tell your guests and chances are they won’t even notice.

Say Yes to  Healthy Crispy Chicken Wings

Everyone loves fried food – according to a recent study, Americans on average consume at least one fried food a day!  Want that crispy chicken taste but without the heart disease?  Try this recipe:  take boneless, skinless chicken breast tenders and coat it lightly with olive oil.  Then cover it in whole wheat bread crumbs, or my favorite: crushed up BBQ popchips.  Bake and presto.  Hold the store-bought, fat-filled honey mustard dip and instead make your own: Dijon mustard with a touch of honey.