The Future Is Now In the Yachting World

The Serion Explorer E60 Motor Yacht by Austrian design studio Motion Code: Blue is bringing yachts into the 22nd century.

The concept design is based on thorough research in marketing trends and value shifts in the next twenty years, setting the stone for future yacht models.  Predicting rapid urbanization and massive cities, the 60ft. Serion Explorer E60 is ideal for those looking for an escape from the sprawl and craving long expeditions across the seven seas.  The sleek cigarette style yachts will fade away in the future while sturdier long distance yachts will be in high demand, according to the new concept.

The interior design provides spacious living room perfect for seaward voyages.  Retractable windows allow the yacht to turn into an open-air space, providing sea goers with an opportunity to star gaze in bed at night if they please.   The rear sliding door can open up, blending the indoor kitchen and outdoor bar into one.

The Serion Explorer E60 is a fusion between motor yachts and sailboats.  In essence, it is a teardrop shaped mega boat with a greenhouse, balconies, a wheel dock and a main dock.  The concept adds an emotional touch to the sturdiness and durability expected in a boat capable of taking on the harshest conditions of the ocean.

Source: Charter World

Photo Source: Born Rich & Charter World