Racks on Racks…of Gold Underneath London

Photo Source: Luxedb

Underneath the heart of London in the dark cavernous passageways, in a bombproof World War II era canteen plastered with posters from the 1940’s, blue metallic stacks hold over 4,000 tons of gold belonging to the Bank of England.  Priced at $246 billion, the storage is a treasure hunters dream.  But don’t expect to easily get into this, unless you have a three-foot long key to open the blast proof door.

Photo Source: Luxedb

Even Mr. T, donned in everything gold, would be astonished at this sight; one image alone shows 15,000 28lb pound bricks of gold.   The 25-carat gold bars are mainly from the United Kingdom but foreign countries have filled up the vault with their gold supplies as well.

Photo Source: Luxedb

Although Europe may be on the verge of financial disaster, seeing a room stocked to the brim with gold is an assuring sight to the weary and fearful of our financial future.

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Source: Daily Mail