Joyce Rey Goes Mobile

These days it seems more of us are using our phones to shop online. We are doing it while at work, watching TV, driving, and even looking for real estate.  Statistics show that by 2013, more people will actually be viewing the Internet from their phones than from a traditional desktop or laptop computer.

Knowing this is not a trend that will be going away, I have decided to embrace it. If you have visited my site recently from your phone, you probably already noticed that I now have a mobile website.

As mobile websites become commonplace, the focus is on simplicity. Navigating a traditional website from even the most advanced phone can sometimes be a bit clumsy. The goal of a mobile site is to make it as easy as possible for the “visitor on-the-go” to access information they need quickly. I also believe there is such a thing as “too stripped down”.

I am proud to represent some of the most beautiful properties in the world and pride myself on being a leader in pioneering marketing tools that reflect high standards while providing the highest level of benefit to my clients. My mobile site is no exception. Instead of going with an out-of the-box plug-and-play solution, I chose to make my mobile site as visually appealing as my full site, without compromising functionality.

Astounding to me was seeing how many global users visit the Joyce Rey site from their mobile phone. The map only shows visitors who have accessed my site from a mobile device. You can see by the red dots in the heat map that, since I went live with the mobile site two weeks ago,  I have received a considerable amount of visits from not only California, but the East Coast and Western Europe. Other international visits include Brazil, China, Japan, Indonesia, Africa, and Canada.

The company that built this for us is Pressroom West. They are new so if you like my site, please visit them at

If you are considering listing your luxury home, consider the agent who not only attracts buyers from around the globe, but presents your listing using the best technology available.

Joyce Rey is an exclusive member of the Haute Living Real Estate Network representing the Beverly Hills market. Read more about her here, and text JOYCE to 24587 for more details.