A New Look: Duca Satoria

THIS YEAR, DUCA SARTORIA started spring-cleaning early, beginning with our online space. So it’s with pleasure that I introduce you to the new cyber look of Duca USA.

A portal of sorts, the revamped Duca Sartoria website transports you to our upscale atelier, presenting everything from our luxe fabrics to special products to our goals for each client.

For those who have never personally visited Duca Sartoria New York, the site is a clear window into the company. We don’t just tell you what we do, we show you. You’ll find photos of our personalized jackets, complete with names embroidered on pockets and customizable, colored under collars. From shirts and suits to underwear and overcoats, the site explains what goes into each piece and shows what the remarkable finished product looks like.

As for the gentlemen I’ve had the pleasure of working with, the site lays out the many options available, giving you plenty of information to dream up the next addition to your wardrobe.

Don’t miss the new features of the site. At Duca Sartoria, we believe dressing is an intimate, task, which is why the “Tailors” tab gives you all the information you need on our ateliers, both in the US and abroad. We believe it’s never too early to establish strong style and sophistication, and that’s what the “Duca Boy” tab is for. We welcome young gentlemen into Duca Sartoria with delight.

The many wonders of Duca Sartoria are now at your fingertips, and I hope you will explore them at www.ducausa.com.

6 East 45 Street
Suite 1502
New York, NY