That’s Haute :: Hermès Bicyclette

In a time when fashionable takes on varying modes of transportation have become as ubiquitous in our lives as designer shoes, we’re most taken aback by the sudden surfacing of a myriad of designer bicycles. While we were thrilled to learn about Gucci’s recent collaborations with Riva, resulting in the floating treasure dubbed Aquariva by Gucci, and Silvia Fendi’s work developing the Maserati GranCabrio Fendi, we’re smitten that high-fashion houses are paring down, concentrating less on speed or function and more on our desperate need to live a well-decorated life. Take this bicyclette by none other than famed French house Hermès.

Where some off-roaders have a seat, this puppy dons a saddle. Similar styles even popped up on the high and low circuits—Missoni’s bike flew off the Target shelves just this fall. Since we pride ourselves on getting you a necessary leg up on what’s going down; we’d like to spill the beans on yet another posh bike with a unique functionality–the Louis Vuitton Polo Bike, as it’s been dubbed, is a halfhorse, half-bicycle hybrid that can be used to, well, play polo. What will they come up with next?

Bicycle in lacquered stainless steel with Taurillon Clemence leather saddle, kickstand, front and back lighting, carrier with bungy cord, mud flap and spoke protector, $4,525; available at Hermés boutiques nationwide 1-800-441-4488 and