Kitchen Confidential :: Chef Katsuo “Suki” Sugiura

Internationally acclaimed Chef Katsuo “Suki” Sugiura is best known for his distinct ability to create recipes that are universal and innovative, by fusing ingredients from Japan, South America and France. Chef Suki, a nickname for which he is better known, believes in a farm-to-table approach to cooking, which stems from his extensive research in cultivation. His culinary career has taken him to São Paulo, Berlin, Paris, London, Oahu, New York and finally Los Angeles, where he currently serves as Executive Chef for all banquet events at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. His expertise in the kitchen has led him to create menus for some of the most notable awards shows, including the Oscar Nominations Luncheon, the pre-Grammy Gala and this year’s Golden Globes. Apart from Chef Suki’s red carpet success, time spent with his wife and children is what truly satisfies him.

How do you create the menu for a special occasion like the Golden Globes?

I begin preparing six months prior to the annual show beginning with conceptualizing the theme, the design, researching the ingredients from California and internationally, developing the recipes, tasting and refining the recipes until finalized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Which entrée are you best known for?

I am best known for my Pacific Sea Bass. For the Golden Globe Awards Show, my version is Miso & Sake Lees Marinated Pacific Sea Bass with Grilled King Oyster Mushroom.

When you’re not enjoying your own cooking, where can we find you dining?

At home. I direct thousands of banquets a year–250 of which are red carpet. [I also do] award shows, society and charity fundraisers and movie premiere after parties, so my downtime is spent in my backyard of my Beverly Hills residence gardening my herbs so I can prepare authentic meals for my family.

What’s your favorite drink?

My favorite beverage is the tea from Sri Lanka.

What’s your favorite pastime?

Gardening herbs, which I use for cooking, and mixing my own teas in the backyard of my home.

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