Haute Ambassador :: Elite Aviation’s Chris Holifield

With the increased demands of day-to-day life, the ability to quickly travel domestically and internationally makes private jet travel a necessity to many around the world. Selecting the best private jet provider is really just the beginning of a relationship. So to help you decide on the perfect jet partner, I’ve pulled together four questions you should ask.

 Your schedule can change on a moment’s notice. Your private jet service should be just as responsive.


Do they understand your lifestyle?

Your time is at a significant premium, and every minute counts when you are traveling. For someone like you, you don’t just “fly” to a destination; you require organization of everything else in your schedule from the moment you leave your home. For your business activities, you expect private and personal coordination and access to business contacts, meetings that may need to be held at the finest restaurants, exclusive ground transportation and other executive services. Additionally, you want private and personal access to the most exclusive shopping in the world, whether it’s Saks Fifth Avenue, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, or any of the most unique shops and products on the planet. You want personalized attention that is responsive at a moment’s notice to meet your requirements and maximize your available time. In short, you need to have an experience, not just a flight.

Can they provide the “reach” when you need it and where you need it?

Your schedule can change on a moment’s notice. Your private jet service should be just as responsive, with access to hundreds of planes globally ranging from small aircrafts to long-range heavy jets. Ask about global reach and local service. Take a good look at where you can and can’t travel, what the notice time is for aircraft access and make sure that the fleet synchs up with your needs.

How is their onboard service?

There is first class service, as in commercial airlines, and then there is the private jet onboard experience. You expect the best, the most unique, the personalized and specialized. Does your jet service company listen to your specific requirements? Does your jet get serviced and provisioned exactly the way you need and like? If they don’t, why not? For personalized and exclusive service, the word “no” should not be in a private jet service’s vocabulary.

Safety matters. Does your private jet company meet the highest global safety standards?

There are four major organizations that provide certifications in the industry: the FAA, IS-BAO, ARG/US and Wyvern. The FAA provides the U.S. industry with basic standards for safety and flight operations that all jet companies need to adhere to in order to conduct business. ISO-BAO is an international code of industry best practices designed to help flight departments worldwide achieve a high level of safety and professionalism. ARG/US and Wyvern are independent industry “watchdogs” that provide objective, annual thirdparty best practices insight into the standards and practices of the operators they evaluate. These are evaluations and criteria in excess of FAA certification (which is merely an entrance into the industry, not a standard of overall safety).

Elite Aviation has achieved the highest level of flight safety, holding multiple certifications including an IS-BAO qualification and receipt of the prestigious Platinum ARG/US and WYVERN awards for 10 years in a row. Only two percent of U.S. operators hold these illustrious certifications. Over the past two decades, Elite Aviation has flown 66 million miles, equivalent to 140 trips to the moon and back. We pride ourselves on our unblemished safety record.

Getting solid answers to these four questions will help you narrow the field in selecting your private jet partner. Having been fortunate enough to travel exclusively by private jet for 15 years, I’ve experienced all levels of service and as such, have a personal understanding of the needs and demands of private jet travelers. As President and CEO, I’m also the quintessential client, and I understand your time is at an expensive premium. In fact, surviving uncomfortable flights was one of the major factors in purchasing my company and redefining the private jet experience and private jet travel overall.

In my work reimagining private jet travel, I have driven Elite Aviation to set a new standard in the private jet experience. We have developed a new and unique approach that fulfills a client’s every imaginable need, no matter where in the world you need to be. The word “no” is not in our vocabulary, and we strive to make your every wish come true.

It’s our mission to make our clients’ travel experiences an extension of their everyday lives. With Elite Aviation, you’ll receive an unparalleled private jet experience. This is my personal commitment to you.

Chris Holifield
President & CEO
Elite Aviation
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