Chef Steven Snook Coming to Restaurant Kenwood Inn and Spa

The award-winning, guest-only Restaurant Kenwood Inn and Spa, located in Northern California’s luxurious Sonoma Valley, has just hired Chef Steven Snook as its Executive Chef. Steven Snook brings to the restaurant culinary excellence, especially after working with renowned and Michelin Star-rated Brithish chef Gordon Ramsay.

Chef Snook has an honorable history in the cooking world. In 2004, he placed third out of 1,700 particpants from across the UK in the Young Chef of the Year competition, as well as achieved a gold award from the Academy of Culinary Arts. Chef Snook has also continuously worked in Michel Star kitchens. In 2006, Snook secured a spot at Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s – a five-star, luxury hotel in London. In 2008, he was transferred to Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London, the longest standing three Michelin Star restaurant in London. There, he served as the respectable position of Sous Chef.

Kenwood Inn and Spa’s restaurant will be an inspiring fit for Chef Steven Snook. Its thriving garden will provide him will a variety of ideas for his seasonal menus. In addition, the many farmers markets throughout the Sonoma Valley will give him even more opportunities to add to the menu of the restaurant’s Italian-inspired cuisine.