World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Praline for $240,000

Haute Living takes a look at the world’s most expensive chocolate praline from chocolatier Wittamer, which costs $240,000. Read on to see what makes this sweet treat so exclusive.

Legendary chefs have used their skills to create incredible pieces of chocolate for a long time, but never before has a piece of scrumptious chocolate ever been so valuable. Chocolatier Paul Wittamer and jeweler Fabienne Lascar joined forces to create the world’s most expensive chocolate praline.

Created in Brussels, Belgium, this lavish chocolate praline is a work of art. The taste of the unique chocolate is dark ganache, caramel with helpings of ginger and a dressing of edible gold leaf. However, what really makes it special (and expensive) is the magnificent single 3.63-carat diamond delicately set as the main garnish on the chocolate.

The chocolate praline is packaged singularly in a unique packaging crafted specially to hold this exquisite item and made to represent a jewelry box.

Source: Born Rich