Haute Home: Lean Back with La-Z-Boy

Jillian Harris

Who has La-Z-Boy on their Christmas list this year? No, no, it’s not my grandmother who’s recovering from knee surgery and no, no, it’s not my Dad for ultimate Sunday football viewing—it’s for me! Yes, you heard correctly, me!

If you’re thinking, I’m about thirty years too early to request a recliner for any type of holiday, you would be wrong. The boy just became a man, seriously. La-Z-Boy has recently received the most insane makeover, ever and you’re getting the memo from us.

With famous faces like Brooke Shields and The Bachelorette’s Jillian Harris behind the scenes, it’s no surprise the age-old brand looks like a shiny new penny.

With recliners turning fashion forward, entire couches turning into recliners, and enough prints and patterns to make your head spin—it is utterly impossible not to find something to fit in your home.

Also, an entire assortment from chairs to tables, to ottomans, even to paintings and frames are at your fingertips. Build a nautical on sea blues and bold yellow prints, a Parisian escape with crème and lavender, or build a cozy fall family room with luggage trunks and all. Anyway you flip it, it will work.

Now, get cracking! If you need a little inspiration just remember to lean back and relax. Oh, wait ..