Glashütte Original Announces the Limited Edition Senator Observer 1911 – Julius Assmann

Honoring its rich heritage of more than 165 years of superior watchmaking in Glashütte, Germany, Glashütte Original has debuted the Limited Edition Senator Observer 1911 – Julius Assmann. Limited to just 25 pieces, the timepiece pays homage to Julius Assmann and Roald Amundsen.

Julius Assmann is one of the founding fathers of watchmaking in Glashütte. The timepieces crafted by Assmann, particularly the observation watches crafted by Assmann played significant role in first establishing the company grand reputation

Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian polar explorer acquired a number of Assmann observation watches, including one crafted by the young Glashütte watchmaker Paul Lowe in 1907/08. Lowe’s watch was exceptionally precise, and he was urged to send it for testing to the German Naval Observatory in Hamburg, which officially responsible for testing and certifying the accuracy of navigational timekeepers made in Germany. It was there that Roald Amundsen saw the watch and purchased it in 1910.