Gary Nader’s First Auction House During Art Basel A Complete Success

On average, a successful first auction is when 50 percent of the value of the entire auction is sold but Gary Nader’s pulled in 80 percent on its first run with four of the most expensive pieces sold to top collectors from around the world. Nader’s sold a total of $17,137,300.00.

Highlights from the auction include:

Frank Stella “untitled”  – sold for $600,000

Joaquin Torres-Garcia “Constructivo” – sold for $500,000

Fernando Botero “Self Portrait”  – sold for $500,000

Wilfredo Lam  “Butinantes” [Saque Adoras] [Les Saccageurs] – sold for $600,000

Roy Lichtenstein “Three Brushstrokes” – sold for $2.9 million

Pablo Picasso “Buste de Femme” – sold for $3 million