Egyptian Azza Fahmy creates bespoke jewellery for the British Museum

Premier Egyptian jewellery designer Azza Fahmy has created a special nine piece collection in support of the British Museum’s upcoming exhibition Hajj: Journey to the heart of Islam running from 26 January through 15 April. Fahmy was briefed by the Museum as to the cultural and religious significance of the exhibition and has created contemporary pieces which reflect spiritual objects used during times of travel.

The first exhibition dedicated entirely to the Hajj, the pilgrimmage to Mecca and a journey which is pivotal to the Islamic faith, the show examines the significance of Hajj as one of the five pillars of Islam and explores how this sacred act has evolved throughout history.

In her jewellery designs Fahmy combines cultural influences with contemporary fashion. In line with her artistic vision, the collection created for the British Museum consists of three specially designed modern jewellery pieces inspired by the Hajj journey including two necklaces and a bracelet supported by carefully selected items from the Culture range all made in the Azza Fahmy trademark sterling silver and 18ct gold on one piece imbued with calligraphy, precious and semi-precious stones.

The first of the bespoke pieces is the classically styled sterling silver and 18ct gold necklace with calligraphy which reads ‘blessing’ and is inspired by the ‘Zamzameya’ – the container that was  used to carry water from the ‘well of Zamzam’ –  the blessed water in Islam which is thought to cure as well as be satisfying to quench one’s thirst.

The second necklace, also made in sterling silver and featuring brown and black onyx stones, reflects the key to the Ka’ba and is inscribed with calligraphy that reads ‘when one door closes, a thousand doors open.’

Inspired by the textiles used to cover the Ka’ba as well as the ‘doors of the Ka’ba,  the third piece of jewellery is a patterned sterling silver and 18ct gold bracelet with amethyst detail featuring a combination of pierced motifs and calligraphy which reads ‘Be kind to your enemies as well as your friends, your heart becomes more pure with love.’ 

 The collection will be available exclusively at the British Museum’s ‘Grenville Room’ store from mid-December 2011.

Azza Fahmy is available in Dubai at Azal in Emirates Towers Boulevard, +971 43300730