ALEXIS, a refreshing yet seductive fashion line, is something of a family affair. Founded in 2008 by mother-daughter design duo Alexis and Ana Barbara, the line uses the finest materials, body-skimming silhouettes and includes everything from beachwear to cocktail attire. The high-end line is available in 280 stores worldwide and is worn by A-listers such as the Kardashians, Cameron Diaz, Adriana Lima and ElisabettaCanalis. LITTLE ALEXIS, high-end fashions made for children, is the brand’s newest offshoot.

One half of the fashion-forward duo behind ALEXIS, Alexis Barbara seems to do it all–and in a perfectly heeled fashion no less. The young designer balances marriage and motherhood, all the while keeping one perfectly manicured finger on the pulse of the hautest designs. Alexis gave Haute Living a rare glimpse inside a normal day, filled with fashion, fêtes and family.

6:30 AM

I wake up to make and have breakfast with my two girls, Mika and Collete.

7 AM

Time for a workout.

8:30 AM

I take a walk in the park with both girls.

9 AM – 6 PM

It’s non-stop work time. My two girls stop by the office three times a week to fit as models for Little Alexis.

6 PM

Go home to prepare dinner. This is my favorite time with my husband and girls. One of my favorite things is to beautifully set the table every night as if every night was a dinner party.

8:30 PM

Read girls their bedtime story and put them to sleep.

9 PM-1 AM

Trend research and quality time with my husband.