Thomas Callaway’s “Stuff Tom Likes” Opens

Designer Thomas Callaway has mastered giving a modern touch to his historical architectural creations. He is now, for the first time, setting up a gallery housing not only his designs but also rare interior items from all over the world. Callaway’s taste can be described as unique and varied and the presentation of the gallery will only confirm his promise of a distinctive story to each piece. Callaway has conquered the design world and is ready to share his impeccable perception for unique pieces with the public.

“STUFF TOM LIKES” opened November 16th. The gallery, designed by Callway is contemporary and accomadates the same “formal while relaxed” feeling with gorgeous skylights and wooden floor. It consists of a large variety of including vintage paintings, antique sculptures and modern furniture. including a Navajo blanket or sale and a one of a kind Any Warhol painting.

Stuff Tom Likes

2928 Nebraska Ave.

Santa Monica, CA 90404