New Rock N Roll Inspired Coffee Bar And Boutique: Grit N Glory

On Sunday, November 6 , an edgy new coffee bar and new wave boutique Grit N Glory opened on the Lower East Side. The hot spot features a selection of hip and funky jewelry, clothing, products and artwork plus expect pours from Stumptown Coffee and pastries from SCRATCHbread.

Founded by rock n rollers, Emily Conley and Veronica Cano, the New Yorkers have taken their passion for music, art, and coffee to create Grit N Glory. The girls have created a decor that’s reall an interactive experience that brings back the colorful memory of New York City in the 80’s when art, fashion, and culture were constantly fused. The palate of the cafe is a warm cappuccino color that matches perfectly with the light roast of Stumptown’s coffee, the exclusive brand for Grit N Glory. One wall consists of a large chalkboard that will be a place where artists and patrons can express themselves through additional art. The other walls are adorned with musical instruments and displays from local artists that represent watercolor prints all the way to etching and tattoo flash art. Like everything else, all art is for sale and through the constant change of artists and artwork, a vivid evolution of decoration will take place throughout the coffee bar and boutique area.

Plentiful stool seating is offered around elevated plexi-glass light-box tables. Other tables and couches will be available as well, but unlike Starbucks where people claim stake in a space for hours surfing the net, expect to hear lots of interaction or see a group surrounding a game of Battleship borrowed from the barista. As a bit of a social experiment and perhaps in the hopes to inspire spontaneous conversation, Grit N Glory will not be offering wifi. There will be plenty of board games to borrow as well as an entire room full of inspiring art and other products that will be able to stimulate customers aside from their i-phones.

As a tribute to the exclusive VIP rooms that existed in clubs like Studio 54 or the more rock n roll Viper Room in L.A., Grit N Glory has their own VIP room roped off by a red rope. This leads into a nook complete with a wrap around plush maroon couch, stylish chandelier, and deep plum walls. Not to worry though, the VIP room is first-come, first-serve, so everyone will have their chance to be a member of the club.

Grit N Glory

186 Orchard Street


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