KRUG Champagne Party at The Krug Estate In Bel Air With Chief Winemaker Eric Lebel

by Christophe Choo

It was a stunning and hot fall afternoon high atop Bel Air at the KRUG House Los Angeles where KRUG Champagne hosted a spectacular luncheon and Champagne tasting. The KRUG house of champagne in Reims France (founded in 1843) has a select group of guests up to their spectacular French villa for a “true” country-style French lunch with gourmet fare from check Jordan Toft of Eveleigh Restaurant in Los Angeles. I felt like I was back in France in the country enjoying all of this wonderful French cuisine and especially the numerous vintage Krug Grande Cuvee champagnes. One really would think you were transported to France for a few hours as everything from the stunning villa, to the food, champagne and so many guests speaking French made you feel like you were in the heart of the Champagne region.

Eric Lebel the chief winemaker for the last 20 years for KRUG was there to talk about what goes into making one of the worlds finest champagnes and the numerous wines such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinto Meunier used to create their exquisitely rich and racy yet wonderfully dry champagnes. What a treat to spend a lovely lunch and afternoon at an exquisite estate in Bel Air eating wonderful French foods and drinking amazing KRUG champagne overlooking the entire city of Los Angeles. Hats off to KRUG and the amazing products they produce. I can’t wait to now go and visit the Chateau in France.

KRUG Estate in Bel Air
Eric Lebel Krug's Chief Winemaker Greeting Guests at the Door.

Photos courtesy of Christophe Choo & KRUG