Haute 100 Update: Mark Zuckerberg Returns to Harvard to Recruit

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard University to pursue his dream of starting Facebook, now a multi-billion dollar company that is a part of nearly everybody’s day to day life. Perhaps that is why the young tech mogul went back to his former school to recruit for his company.

Zuckerberg made his first official return trip to Harvard on Monday, Nov. 8 to scope out the talent and also reveal that he hopes to one day open a satellite office in Boston.

“Hopefully at some point soon, but no plans in the near future,” said Zuckerberg. “We currently have our main development in Palo Alto, and we opened one development office outside Palo Alto in Seattle.”

He added, “The reason we got started in Seattle is because it’s the same time zone, and it’s a couple of hours flight, so we’re growing that and we really want to get the culture there right before we start opening other offices.”

Zuckerberg met with over 200 students at Harvard as well as MIT the day before. “There’s a lot of really smart people here, and a lot of them are making decisions on where they’re going to work when they graduate,” he said, explaining the reasons for his visit.

Although not in the immediate future, hopes that Zuckerberg will open an office in Boston and hire local talent is inspiring for many students in the Hub, as well as Zuckerberg’s success story, which many students admire.

“Most of the day we spend on Facebook, so we have to meet the guy who’s connected us with the rest of the world,” said Harvard student Parul Kapoor. “He inspires the rest of us Harvard students to come up with and found something maybe as big and interesting as Facebook is one day.”

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