Haute Partners: Ready for Takeoff with NetJets

 “From the catering to the car service to recognizing if it’s a holiday or a birthday, we want to be a part of that so everything looks seamless to the client.”

With a combined 25 years of experience in the private aviation industry, it comes as no surprise that the founders of Unity Jets have been able to build such a successful company. President Kevin Diemar was previously the Vice President of Sales at NetJets/Marquis Jet. Chief Operating Officer Chad Howett clocks in with 12 years of entrepreneurial and management experience, 7 of which were strictly in aviation. Howett also served as Vice President of Operations and Logistics for a private aviation company. Senior Vice President of Sales Adam Presser was also with NetJets/Marquis Jet as Vice President of Sales prior to Unity Jets. Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales Jason Hirsch brings his advertising and marketing experience to the table at Unity Jets; Hirsch has had a hand in building major brands such as Sony, GE and the NFL. The partners brought the best of their respective backgrounds to create Unity Jets, a premiere private jet firm.

“Using our cumulative experience, we bring the best practices in the industry to a boutique level,” Diemar said.

The intimate boutique setting allows the Unity Jets team to zone in on their relationships with clients. For each client, the Unity Jets team acts as private aviation consultants, helping them assess and select the most cost efficient option for aviation travel – even if the most cost-effective option is not Unity Jets.

While most companies only offer one of two options—a 25 hour jet card or chartering a plane—Unity Jets created a third option: Jet Hedging.

Jet Hedging combines the jet card and chartering concepts into a system where the client can select the most cost-efficient option on a trip-by-trip basis.

“We’re going to help them decide on a trip by trip basis, whether to use their jet card or a charter or a blend of the two kinds,” Diemar said. For Diemar and his team, it’s all about the client relationship. “We’re going to give them an honest, unbiased opinion. It’s long-term. It’s about a relationship.”

Through Unity Jets, clients can save 30-50 percent on trips, get flights on peak days and manage a flexible itinerary.

“It’s in our best interest to give our clients the best service and guide them,” said COO Chad Howett.

Unity Jets also prides themselves on exceptional attention to detail to create a stress-free flying experience for the client.

“We don’t clock-in and clock-out; we’re constantly getting calls. We are very detail-oriented,” Diemar said. “From the catering to the car service to recognizing if it’s a holiday or a birthday, we want to be a part of that so everything looks seamless to the client.”

New York-based SVP of Sales and Marketing Jason Hirsch recalls one of the many times he went to meet one client in East Hampton and then rushed over to meet another in Teterboro, New Jersey. This is a company dedicated to their clients.

It’s relationships like these that only further contribute to the company’s success.

“Unity Jets has had a very organic growth because of word-of-mouth,” Diemar said. As the word of mouth spreads, Unity Jets’ client base has expanded to include celebrities, professional athletes, NFL coaches and Grammy-Award winning artists.

But the company wasn’t built on celebrity allegiance.

“Our core business is high net worth individuals that value the time they spend with their families,” Diemar said. The seamless execution of Unity Jets’ process makes family vacations easier and cuts out tedious airport time, giving families that much more time to spend together.

Unity Jets also caters to the businessperson with a demanding schedule, making accommodations for efficient but short trips.

“It’s for people who want to go to three meetings in two different cities but still have dinner with their families,” Diemar said.

And with Unity Jets, your family is in good hands, whether you’re flying across the country together or jetting to and from meetings. At the helm of each trip is a thoroughly qualified pilot flying an aircraft that meets the highest safety standards.

You can take a heavy jet from New York to Seattle, a turboprop from Miami to the Bahamas or go international on a private jetliner from New York to Dubai with peace of mind, knowing that your aircraft has been meticulously inspected and prepared specifically for your travels.

For the utmost in personalized luxury and unsurpassed safety, let Unity Jets plan your next trip. While they’ll fly you wherever you want to go, the return trip is just as important; they know there’s no place like home.