Inside Jay-Z and Kanye Kick Off ‘Watch the Throne’ Tour in Atlanta

Dynamic hip hop duo of Jay-Z and Kanye West – collectively known as “The Throne – kicked off their highly anticipated Watch the Throne tour on Fri., Oct. 28 to an absolutely packed house at the Philips Arena in Atlanta.

The beginning of this tour marks a new era for the pair, who debuted their joint album in August to enormous response from their audience. While each rapper took turns performing their solo material on that night, it was their collaborative tunes that had the audience in a frenzy.

The extravagant show started with Jay-Z and Kanye entering each upon their own cube-shaped mini stages. As they performed, machismo abounded as images of Rottweilers, sharks, and tigers flickered on screens while green lasers penetrated the arena.

“Atlanta, you are now looking at black excellence at its finest. Make some … noise!” Jay-Z said with his arm around Kanye. The duo then proceeded to ask the audience to hold up their lit phones and lighters in honor of iconic African-American figures Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X as they too made history.

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