Haute 100 Update: ‘Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview’ from 1995 Now Playing in Select Theaters

It has been over a month since Apple founder and revered visionary Steve Jobs passed away, but he continues to be at the forefront of our culture. A new feature film entitled Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview has surfaced, bringing Jobs once again into the spotlight.

The film has been premiering across theaters with special shows and features a 70-minute interview Jobs gave in 1995 to Robert Cringley, a relatively unknown journalist.

At the time of the interview, Jobs was running NeXT, the niche computer company he had founded after leaving Apple for 12 years.

In a rare moment, Jobs is seen in the interview getting emotional to the point of having to stop questioning when discussing his infamous forced resignation from the company he founded and his tumultuous struggle with John Sculley, the CEO he had brought into the company.

The bulk of the interview, however, shows Jobs at his best – witty, outspoken, and passionate. He delves into his pioneering days with co-founder Steve Wozniak, their journey together, and aspects of Jobs that were, until now, lost.

For more information and screening locations, visit the movie’s website.

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