Conde Nast’s Luxury And Travel Fair

This past November 4th-6th, Conde Nast came to London with their luxury travel fair. Presenting a myriad of exotic tours, boutique hotels and luxury cruises, booking your trips for the next century was possible.  Strictly catering to luxury travel, we certainly found some gems we wouldn’t find anywhere else.

We loved the Mr & Mrs Smith booth.  They took the time to show us what sort of taste they have when choosing their luxury and boutique properties for their collection.  The lighting at these trade shows can be unforgiving, but they brought in specialty furniture and decorator, Graham and Green to design their comfy booth.

The Amazon rarely has true luxury available for weary travelers wanting just some champagne and caviar.  After being on the lookout for such indulgence, we finally found it! Amazon Zenith Cruises takes you and 5 other couples on a private yacht for 3 days, gourmet food and drinks inclusive for about $45,000 during the high season.  I think we found our next trip!

We then stopped for a light, mint spritzer at the Starwood Preferred Guest booth.

I personally, have several SPG American Express cards and it truly is one of the most recommended for those haute readers who travel frequently.

Grace hotels then introduced us to their lovely properties overlooking the caldera in Mykonos and Santorini. Since all Greece has been through, looking at these hotels, I think we are all glad to do our part for the Greek economy.

Happy Traveling!