Haute 100 Update: Will Smith in $50M Negotiations for Two ‘Independence Day’ Sequels

Two back-to-back Independence Day sequels are currently in the works, and star of the 1996 original Will Smith is on board – for a steep price. The actor is reportedly asking $50 million to sign up for the two sequels, as well as asking that wife Jada and daughter Willow be involved in them as well.

Smith played the lead role in the 90s hit film as Captain Stephen Hiller, a role which garnered him much respect as an action star as well as a larger fan base. He is willing to recapture that audience, but at the hefty price.

Additionally, Smith has some stipulations as to where he wants to film the movie. Ever the family man, he wants production to remain close to home, his wife, and his kids.

Regardless as to whether or not Smith will ultimately sign on to the projects, the two sequels are proceeding. Roland Emmerich is set to direct both sequels, and both scripts are nearing completion.

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