Haute 100 Update: LeBron James Flirts with a Spot in the NFL

On Tuesday, Oct. 11, Miami Heat all-star LeBron James sent the media and sports fans into a frenzy when he inquired about the deadline for an NFL team to sign a free agent. A Twitter rally between James and Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll further fanned the flames of speculation that James may make the switch to football in the midst of the NBA lockout.

On Wednesday, Oct. 12, Carroll took the game a step further by offering James his own Seahawks jersey, bearing the number 1 and the NBA all-star’s name on the back.

“Nice!!! looks great,” James replied.

Of course, this may all just be innocent flirtation with an actual spot in the NFL. The risk of injury, the fact that James has yet to win his coveted NBA title, and the $100 million he has remaining on his contract with the Heat all work against the switch.

Otherwise, though, James might actually be a formidable football player – his combination of height, speed, size, sheer athleticism, and existing love for the game might all make for a fairly easy transition into a tight end.

In the midst of a lockout, there’s no harm in fantasizing.

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