Turquoise Life: The Option Which Does Not Yet Exist

"VieVite Composite"

As birds chirp and the sun sets around us, Tunch, Aylin, and I chat by the pool at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica and sip from a world-class wine list while we talk some shop concerning their latest entrepreneurial endeavor, Turquoise LifeTunch Doker, a former LVMH employee, and his wife Aylin (the legal brains behind the enterprise) are currently representing 2 major Rose wine labels under their umbrella company of beverage innovation – with plans of future expansion!

Vie Vite (translated to ‘Fast Life’) is the strong, provocative sister to the more jovial, Breezette.  Standing tall with a chic blush – and – metallic rose label, Vie Vite is “more of a cosmopolitan style brand, very edgy and distinct” and also has a counterpart, Vie Vite Extraordinaire. Playfulness is the first word coming to mind as I see the Breezette bottle; a multi-colored sunset background highlighting the shadowed silhouette of ‘Miss Breezette’ with a slender red scarf flowing amongst her neck captured inside a vintage-inspired label is the only introduction this one needs!

What sparked Turquoise Life?

Just being involved with the wine and spirits industry, I saw a really big gap opening so Aylin and I saw an opportunity here to develop lifestyle beverage brands…with specifically Rose wine brands- it’s a beautiful product that one thinks about when in a pleasurable setting, a pleasurable environment… it’s not traditional so we can have a lot of fun with Rose.”

What is the mission?

“I think affiliation and emotional attachment to a brand is so important – that’s what brings back the consumer to feel that this is the best option for them…we want to bring back an element of fun; we want to bring back an element of easiness to the consumer.”

How has your success in New York opened up?

“Whether it’s the haute-est new venues in New York City or the most traditional luxury hotels in New York, we’re very delighted to have our brands in place there…I think a growing trend that is really relevant to our Roses are these opening brunch parties – that’s really an ideal occasion for Roses.”

When might we expect Turquoise Life brands to come to Los Angeles?

“We’re looking to venture off and we would love to be in this grand setting…for us being in New York, strategically was very important for us to start our base and now that we’re in the trendiest places there, LA will soon to be next!…Also we’re in Southern Europe specifically the Eastern part of the Mediterranean that has that St. Tropez style of living – perfect for Turquoise Life.”

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