Sun Damage Prevention In A Pill?

There really is a pill for everything. According to several news reports this week, we are about five years away from popping a sunburn prevention remedy.

That’s right. Researchers from Kings College in London say that within the next five years, they will be able to create a pill from coral to block the damaging effects of sun. Coral is able to naturally protect itself and the algae living inside of it from sunburn through a conversion process. The coral creates a natural sunscreen which protects the coral as well as the inhabitant algae. Pretty clever, coral! Scientists have known this for a while now, but recently figured out exactly how the clever ocean dwelling organisms do it.

The team plans to test it out on human skin soon, but will first create a topical lotion from the coral compounds. Since coral is an endangered species, they are attempting to synthetically copy the ingredients rather than use coral itself.

Until further details are provided about what that ‘synthetic process’ entails, I am more than happy to admire the coral from afar, all the while lathered up with good old fashioned SPF 40!