Most Expensive Blowdry in the World

High-end department store Harrods recently introduced the World’s Most Expensive Blowdry, at $510. What makes this blowout so special you may wonder? The answer is quite simply a trip across time and space, shooting stars and allotropes of carbon. Using a new brand by Ultimate haircare, called Truffle, the shampoo and conditioner contain white truffle skin, diamond dust and meteorite extracts designed to leave hair feeling, quite literally, out of this world. Even the most jaded of product junkies can’t deny this sounds pretty luxurious. Boasting to respond to every hair type, the product claims to result in complete restoration of your hair. If you like the results, you’re in luck, because the service includes a take home set of the shampoo and conditioner. Whatever your opinion may be, there is no denying that Harrods’ has once again made good on their motto “Omnia Omnibus Ubique,” or “All Things for All People, Everywhere.”