Mike Vensel Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Show

Emerging designer Mike Vensel showed his Spring Summer 2012 fashion show at the Audi Forum on September 15th 2011.

For Spring Summer 2012 Mike Vensel explores the intersection of the Egyptian goddess Isis and the architect I.M Pei. Egyptian culture, which includes architectural and geometric elements, have all been deconstructed into multiple themes that run throughout the collection, and some unexpected elements that span the most primitive origins of African culture to the most modern architectural themes found in the light, airy work of I.M. Pei. Light winged and caped silhouettes are joined by body-conscious and tunic styles.

Simple pyramid shaped details can be found throughout the collection with touches of leather and fur in reference to the worship of majestic animals found in the region. A modern, minimalist take on one of the most ancient traditional cultures and ways of dressing proves that 3000 years into the future many of the same ideas of construction and simplicity can sill be explored in a collection that is both relevant but also timeless.