HAUTE TIME : Freak Diavolo, Chronograph La Monegasque,The Yacht-Master II and Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia

Complicated Countdown: Rolex Introduces The Yacht-Master II in “Rolesor”

Yacht racing’s a special blend of luxury and skill, and for the lovers of this princely but demanding sport, Rolex makes the Yacht-Master II.  Though it’s not the best known Rolex, it is the most complicated.  The Rolex Yacht-Master II is also the most recently introduced major new model from Rolex, having debuted in 2007 as the second member of the Yacht-Master family. The original Yacht-Master, which does not feature any complications, was introduced in 1992.

The Yacht Master Two is nothing less than a programmable countdown timer, designed specifically for the most critical minutes of a sports sailor’s life: the countdown to the start of a regatta, or yacht race. To help a yachtsman cross the starting line at exactly the right time, the Yacht-Master II has a countdown hand that can be set to time anything from a 1 to 10 minute starting interval, and when it’s re-set, it will return to the pre-programmed starting position.

It’s highly complicated inside, but easy to use and read, and for 2011 Rolex introduces it in Rolesor – 18k rose gold –Rolex uses its own alloy, called “Everose” a combination of gold and platinum that won’t fade – with a scratchproof, brilliant blue ceramic “Cerachrom” bezel.  It’s the ultimate luxury sports watch for the ultimate luxury sport.