Haute Living Magazine Los Angeles & Chong Hing Jewelers Presentation of the Remy Martin Louis XIII Experience at a Mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

On a beautiful & sunny Los Angeles afternoon high up in the Hollywood Hills, Haute Living Magazine Los Angeles and Chong Hing Jewelers hosted a private V.I.P. event for 25 of their top Patek Phillipe customers. A rare opportunity to explore the world most prestigious Cognac, Louis XII de Remy Martin Grande Champagne Cognac. The event was held at a private contemporary mansion high above the city with commanding views of downtown and the ocean. We all arrived by private coach from the Sunset Strip and were greeted by beautiful hostesses carrying trays of fabulous vintage French champagne and delicious hors d’oeuvres.

The first thing that caught my eye was the ultra rare bottle of Louis XIII Pearl Cognac Cask 43.8 in it’s custom Baccarat Black crystal decanter prominently displayed in a very cool leucite box with the city view in the background. A very rare and limited edition which has been selling for as high as $46,000 per 1.5 litre bottle. After a lovely cocktail hour, mingling with other guest and sipping fabulous champagne we were all escorted into the home to begin the Legacy Experience. We are all quite curious as to what that meant, but mum was the word and the hosts would not reveal the surprise.

Stel Lilja the Brand Ambassador for Louis XIII begin his presentation in front of a Magnum of this fine cognac, encased in an incredible display like one would expect for a rare diamond…considering what it was, it was like a rare diamond. After a brief talk about the cognac we were all asked to enter a custom build screening room for the event where we sat in fabulous movie theater chairs watching and listening to Stel give us a presentation on the Remy Marin house and the history of the company since it was founded in 1874 and the taste makers that have made this cognac brand what it is today. After this very interesting and informative presentation about the brand and how cognac is made, Stel disappeared behind screen which soon opened to reveal an actual barrel from the Remy Martin châteaux filled with Cognac. It was a rare treat to actually see the 150 year old oak barrel considering it is the first time one has ever left France to come to the united states.

We all gathered around the barrel where Sten presented a bottle for the Mrs. Lee the owner of Chong Hing to open. Everyone clapped when the rare 100-year-old cognac was opened by Mrs. Lee and they began pouring a glass for each of us to savor. After a little coaching on how to enjoy the smell, color and veins on the glass we all ceremoniously had our first sip of this absolutely amazing spirit. Considering a glass can cost between $160 – $200 each at a fine restaurant, we all truly enjoyed the delightful and delectable taste and in particular the amazing aroma. Sten spoke of how the finest cognac’s will have a taste that will linger on your taste buds for an hour… and I agree he was right.

Following the grand final tasting of this rare, vintage cognac, guest had the opportunity to purchase a few bottles of this rare spirit not yet available in stores. Being half French myself and having spent many summers in France enjoying cognac I can say this was a truly enlightening and fun experience where we all had the opportunity to really learn about Louis XIII Grande Champagne Cognac, the Remy Martin Company and to enjoy this truly special cognac originally made for King Louis XIII, hence the name. We all felt like royalty having been invited to enjoy this truly special and lovely event.

Sten Lilja, Kate Keley & Alexander Castro

Mr. Lee of Chong Hing & Gabrielle Choo