Haute Event: Supporting The Mark Taper Center Inner-City-Arts Program At Christopher Guy Showroom

The unveiling of the newly remodeled Christopher Guy Showroom was held at their flagship Beverly Hills store last week in support of The Mark Taper Center Inner City Arts Program. Guest’s previewed the new collection and line of furnishings from Christopher Guy which were a big hit here in Beverly Hills. I know many customers including my wife decorator Gabrielle Choo that uses many of Christopher’s over the top and unique furnishing to decorate their own homes or their customers’ homes.

Now you must have a lot of style and great taste to use the pieces in Christopher’s line or as Christopher would say “decorative furnishings” and I would agree that is the proper term. The first time I walked into his Beverly Hills showroom, I felt like I was transported back in time to 1939 and the set of George Cukor’s “The Women” and I could just picture Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford or Rosalind Russell sitting and lounging in one of the fabulous vignette rooms he has set up in his showroom. To sum it up Christopher’s style is seductive, elegant, luxurious, fabulous and sophisticated yet comfortable for today’s lifestyle. Whether you choose just a few piece to anchor and make a statement in the decor of your home or decide to go full board with the whole look and collection you will be in great company like just a few of his clients such as Saks Fifth Avenue (NY), the Mayfair, Savoy & Dorchester Hotels in London, Ritz Carlton & Four Seasons Hotels worldwide, the Queen Mary 2 and many films such as Casino Royal.

The look is sophisticated and chic and perfect for today’s modern and elegant opulent lifestyles. We thank Christopher for hosting this cocktail party to support the Inner City Arts’ Program here in Los Angeles. For more information go to www.Inner-CityArts.org and take a look at the Christopher Guy look at www.ChristopherGuy.com

Gabrielle Choo & Alex Reid