Haute Design With Warren Sheets: Conscious Redecoration Spending And How A Design Pro Can Help

While recovering from a slowed-down economy, it appears that many of us may be staying in our existing houses awhile.  But how bad is that?  We liked our home at one time or another.  So why not take another look at it, and make some conscious decisions about what items can be re-integrated into our existing home from a brand new perspective?

Redecorating can be easy, fast and infinitely rewarding.  If done correctly, it is certainly less expensive than gutting or starting over with ground-up construction.  While it may sound like a fairly simple process, making sound, smart decisions is key.

To this end, I strongly advise that you consider retaining the services of an interior design professional when updating your home, no matter to what degree.  A design professional can examine your interior with a qualified, fresh perspective, as well as evaluate and assess your home to determine what changes should be made in order to bring your home into today’s “new world”.

Whether you prefer traditional, contemporary or transitional design, qualified interior designers who also maintain a background in architectural interiors, will adeptly evaluate your home’s existing architecture together with a redecorating concepts, to bring new life into your home.  A good designer is also an expert at helping assess your lifestyle – and designing a home that meets your day-to-day needs.

Most importantly, your designer will bring a “discerning eye”, and effectively assist you in making important decisions about flooring, wall coverings, window treatments, furnishings, artwork and accessories.  With the insight of a talented professional, you can tastefully incorporate cherished keepsakes, develop an appealing color scheme, purchase quality items that will stand the test of time – and avoid succumbing to today’s latest trends!

The common mindset, is that interior designers are expensive.  But if you carefully consider the overall process, it becomes evident that interior designers who charge a reasonable mark-up ultimately end up savingtheir clients money; not costing them additional dollars.  Typically, a designer’s mark-up is substantially less than the significant discounts they are able to pass on to their client.

There are many sources that sell only to the trade – so a designer can help unearth unique, hard-to-find items at reasonable prices.  In addition, a skilled interior designer helps clients avoid costly, time-consuming mistakes.  They also help direct their clients through the correct ‘order’ of when, and how to get things done, to avoid additional freight costs and unecessary rush fees.

There isn’t a better time than right now to reinvent our homes.  Time is passing us by, which is why I am a strong advocate of enjoying  our homes with family and friends in a new and “re-invented” way.

Take the step to redecorate. Exercise conscious spending. Buy quality items that can be used and enjoyed for many years to come.  And, work with the very best designer you can find, even if they happen to be from out of town.  You’ll find it to be the best decision yet, in a long-awaited project!