Fairmont Presents Lifestyle Cuisine Plus

More often than not diners need to forfeit flavor in accordance to specific dietary preferences. There’s now hope for those who wish to indulge. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is offering Lifestyle Cuisine Plus, a menu available upon request catering to guests with specific diet-dependent conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and gluten free, as well as unique dietary preferences including, macrobiotic, raw and vegan diets.

According to a recent article in Gulf News the number of diabetics in the UAE is growing faster than projected and already affects a quarter of the population — 14 years earlier than expected with another 20 per cent of the population being at great risk of developing the diabetes.  Dr Abdul Razzak Al Madani, president of the Emirates Diabetes Society, states that guests are becoming more concerned with healthy eating choices than ever before.

Fairmont chefs have been trained to prepare a vast array of special dietary and allergy-specific meals and
are equipped with Nutritionist Pro™ by Axxya Systems (www.axxya.com), cutting-edge recipe analysis
software to help customize entrees and menus to fit with guests’ requests for caloric and nutritional
requirements. Utilizing nutrient-rich ingredients, clean cooking methods and local food products, diners
at Fairmont, whether in a restaurant, bar, banquet or in- room, can be sure that dishes are wholesome,
balanced and full of taste. Guests with specific food allergies and sensitivities are invited to have a direct
conversation with the chef in order to plan their food options during their stay.

While the same nutritional parameters guide Fairmont chefs across the globe, actual menu offerings will
reflect the distinctive style and unique food products of each destination. A sampling includes; Arame with Sunflower Seeds, Chives and Mustard (macrobiotic – Fairmont Beijing); Zucchini, Carrot, Portobello and Cashew Butter Pave (raw – Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club); Cornish Crab Cake and Marinated Cucumber & Grapefruit Salad with Homemade Aioli (gluten free – Fairmont Bab Al Bahr) and Samak Harrah: Grilled Hammour with Spicy Tomato Sauce (gluten free – Fairmont Bab Al Bahr).

Fairmont Lifestyle Cuisine Plus is an extension of Fairmont Lifestyle Cuisine, which is targeted to the most
common dietary requests found among guests, such as low-fat, vegetarian and low-carbohydrate concerns.
Complementing the new menus are Lifestyle beverages, offering five new varieties of Fairmont wellness
teas, juices, shakes and more to quench thirst.

Guests can enjoy these flavors in their own homes too, by visiting www.everyonesanoriginal.com, for original recipes for appetizers, entrees, desserts and beverages from the Lifestyle Cuisine and Lifestyle Cuisine Plus menus. A mix of customer-generated media and non-traditional Fairmont content, the online site is a virtual gathering place where fans of the brand can post photos or videos from a memorable trip, participate in exclusive polls and contests, access exclusive hotel and destination content, and of course find recipes from across the Fairmont collection.