Core Club Goes Global – The Global Party

On Thursday September 15th, 2011, guests had to carry their Key-2 Luxury silver key ring to the venue entrance. That is their key to the party. It is also their key to thousands of personal contacts. Yes, this could be a key networking tool for corporate bigwigs, wannabe starlets and others. The Key-2 Luxury silver key ring also holds the promise of VIP privileges for a lifetime. Membership to  exclusive luxury services like personal contacts and privileges at acclaimed hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs as well as purveyors of the finest goods, services, entertainment and travel for life. Didn’t get yours? Don’t worry, approved companies can purchase a key at a unit cost of $4000. So you can understand how prestigious one of these key rings might be. How exciting to have one myself.

With our Key2Luxury key rings in hand, Joseph and I along with  guests of Core Access’ Global Party, ventured over to the NYC Core Club at East 55th to raise awareness for over 50 charities. Inspired by the adventures of Phileas Fogg. 80,000+ OF THE WORLD’S ELITE…80+ OF THE WORLD’S FINEST LOCATIONS…80+ BENEFITING CHARITIES…
ALL WITHIN 24 HOURS. Read more about this here

I had one the best nights ever at the Global Party , spread over four floors, each with it’s own theme and entertainment. The cutest was DJ Arson an eight year old prodigy who rivals some of the best DJ’s out there. Celebrities, beautiful people, it was such a fabulous time. My night really began when we were told about one of the sponsor, Deleon Tequila’s hidden tequila bar in the stairwell of the Core Club. On our way up to the fourth floor for some live jazz, blues and a game of black jack, I stopped for three shots of tequila, ignoring my husband’s protests. My week was filled of preparing my six year son for school, play-dates and fashion shows. I needed that tequila and this night. I had never played black jack before, who knew I would be such a natural. The simulated Casino Royale theme on the fourth floor was so sexy. After 45 minutes of playing black jack and winning 40,000 in chips , ok not real but still  very, very exciting, I was dizzy with euphoria and lost my voice from all the screaming. Joseph is now determined to take me to Vegas to see what I can do with some real money. The Global Party at The Core Club was one of the best nights ever. I really do not know how I was able to capture these pictures with my camera after three shots of tequila and a glass of champagne, but I hope you enjoy my photo diary.

The CORE club is a private, membership-based organization that unites individuals and companies in furthering business and personal endeavors. It’s award-wining 33k sf property in midtown is a home away from home. Go here for more info: Core Club.

Naima Sanowar also writes for her own blog  The Adventurista