Christian Louboutin Debuts Menswear Boutique in Paris

French Luxury Label Christian Louboutin sees September in red bottoms for the modern man. The new concept store in Paris is the perfect marriage of modern and vintage 1970s style, complete with theĀ originalĀ ‘Star Trek’ table set, and a disco-inspired gyroscope-rotating shoes in the store’s window display.

Guests will also enjoy the red carpet leading to the Tattoo Parlor. There, the Louboutin man can embroider the signature brogues or slippers to his taste, in addition to selecting designs by Christian Louboutin.

A long awaited menswear shopping destination, with classic designs including the Platers formal shoe sitting alongside the crystal encrusted Purple Sneaker, the new menswear boutique makes its debut with the AW11/12 collection.

Source: Christian Louboutin